Ultra Thin Flexible Micro-Borescopes & Videoscope With Monitor

When you need to inspect difficult-to-access areas, micro-borescopes & videoscopes are visual inspection equipment that are versatile, intelligent solutions that meet the demands of modern industrial inspections. These micro-borescopes & videoscopes empower review conceivable outcomes in distances across between 0.35 mm and 4.0 mm. That also allows to control bore holes in smallest parts with respect to burrs or recording buildups or to examine patched or welded connections.

Micro Borescopes & Videoscopes Ultra Thin and Flexible

What is micro-borescopes

There are a number of mechanical and aviation applications that demand extremely small diameter borescopes. The limit entries and passage focuses require miniaturized scale borescopes or in some cases called  mini or micro-borescopes to inspect these areas. 

These small scale borescopes are accessible as small as .37mm (.014 inches) up to 2.0 mm (.078 inches). The littler breadth borescopes such as the .37 mm to .70 mm are as it were accessible with a 0-degree point of see (AOV), or straight see. Meaning that the scaled down borescope is looking straight ahead because it enters the inspection area.

Ultra Thin Flexible Micro-Borescope
Ultra Thin Flexible Micro – Borescope

Information about micro-borescopes & videoscopes

There are three main types of borescopes: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible units. 

  • Rigid borescopes that comprise a straight cylinder provide high-quality views. 
  • Semi-rigid models are bendable and are ideal for small spaces, though adaptable degrees have high versatility allowing users to investigate various points and little cavities. 
  • The size of the unit, materials utilized, power source, brightening framework, camera settings, and consumables are largely factors to consider. Also, with regards to advanced units, planned purchasers ought to think about the unit’s connectivity and compatibility parameters.

The micro – borescope is produced with a semi adaptable test which makes it more straightforward to see around curves and corners. Semi-rigid micro – borescopes are accessible and customizable to your necessities. Standard length for these frameworks is 500 mm to 1 meter.

The micro – borescope are designed with a separable eyepiece. This suggests that your eye piece can uphold different test distances across for your assorted assessments. What’s more, this makes the test field replaceable and lessens your vacation as you’ll easily adjust the test when a harm issue happens. 

Ultra Thin Flexible Micro-Borescope Endoscope With Monitor
Ultra Thin Flexible Micro – Borescopes Endoscope With Monitor

With the small diameter of the micro-borescopes & videoscopes and the and the supporting light pack for these tests we probes suggest an extreme intensity LED light source. This is particularly evident in case you will utilize an USB camera to take pictures and record video of the inspection area.

The greatest test with the micro borescope is the cost to replace. Much of the time, the picture group and fiber optic light pack are so small. Thusly, it is unimaginable for users to repair the system. In most cases you will need to replace it and that is why we recommend a fiberscope with a detachable eyepiece. This can help users to replace the damage probe at their own work site and not have to experience extended downtime with shipping the damage system back to the manufacturer.

Visual Inspection Easy with Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes

Easy Visual Inspection

The micro-borescope provides a small camera at the tip and relates that video signal to the color screen. The video image quality is ultra HD and no loss of the probe length as the image is being sent digitally and not through fiber optics.

There are specially designed Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes for hazardous inspection areas such as explosive environments, electrical environments and high pressure. Try not to accept that your Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes can be utilized in these conditions without perusing the client’s manual first. A decent standard is, if you would not uncover your finger into the examination region; don’t expose your micro – borescope to the investigation region.

Because of the various models of micrendo borescopes concerning models with wide point targets, side view or the utilization of rotatable mirror tubes, you can pick the absolute perfect item for your necessity. Additionally for inspection tasks without a straight access our full adaptable, Micro – Borescopes will allow you a view inside.

Micro-Borescopes is versatile, intelligent solutions that meet the demands industrial inspections.
Micro-Borescopes is versatile, intelligent solutions that meet the demands industrial inspections.

The Versatility of Micro-borescopes & Videoscopes

The adaptability of the normal Micro-Borescopes is what makes it so in industrial settings. Aviation experts, for example, utilize Micro-Borescopes inspection cameras to inspect the inner workings of motors and turbines. Essentially, plumbing and air conditioning experts influence Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes advancements to analyze issues in their customers’ homes. Mechanics and those working in assembling settings likewise also find Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes useful for inspection duties. 

Articulating Micro-Borescopes allow the administrator to turn the tip of the degree their favored way. They additionally have different connections and embellishments. Borescope’s endoscope attachments make this tool even more versatile, allowing operators the opportunity to catch their assessment discoveries on camera.

Inspection Camera Vividia NP-2011/NP-2020 Flexible 2mm Diameter 1.1 Meter Long with 5″ LCD Monitor 


Vividia NP-2011 Flexible Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes is a flexible non-articulating videoscope with:

  • 2 mm diameter probe head and 1.1 meter long probe insertion tube.
  • NP-2020 has a probe. 
  • Camera resolution: 640×480. 
  • LCD monitor: 5″ screen with snapping and recording functions. 
  • Photos and videos are saved on a SD card. 
  • 2 meter long Probe: waterproof and protected with metal braided mesh layers for wear and tear in harsh industrial environments. 
Vividia NP-2011 Flexible Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes
Vividia NP-2011 Flexible Micro-Borescopes & Videoscopes

Vividia NP-2011 micro-borescope is a decent decision for applications where enunciation highlight isn’t needed, yet little distance across camera is fundamental. 

This is a redesigned adaptation of FC-2011 with a superior and bigger LCD screen. The picture quality is likewise better.

What is included: Heavy duty case, NP-2011 micro-borescope, power adaptor, HDMI cable, SD card 8G, lithium battery, user manual
What is included: Heavy duty case, NP-2011 micro-borescope, power adaptor, HDMI cable, SD card 8G, lithium battery, user manual


Camera head:                2.0mm x 7mm

Resolution:                    400 x 400 pixels

Depth of focus view:      3mm to 30mm

View angle:                   80 degree

Insertion tube length:    1.1 meter

Waterproof:                   IP58

Monitor size:                   5″ LCD IPS

Display resolution:          1280×720

Input & output:               Micro USB 2.0

Video output:                  HDMI

Storage:                         SD card, max, 64G

Dimension:                     33.5 cm x 14.5 cm x 8.0 cm

Weight:                          approx. 0.7 kg net / 5.9kg gross 

Pictures taken with Vividia NP-2011 inspection camera
Pictures taken with Vividia NP-2011 inspection camera

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