Capacitive Touch Technology / Adjustable magnetic stand / IP55 protection (system only)

Capacitive Touch Technology
Best performance and durability
Adjustable magnetic stand
Provide flexible inspection
IP55 protection (system only)
Can be operated in rain

Getting Started With Touch Panel

When system turns on (with insert tube connected ), it’s ready to start the inspection.

Video Recording

Function Menu

White Balance


SD Card Status

Settings Menu

USB Menu

Reader: Connect PC to read the data stored in the SD card Camera: Connect PC to share real-time inspection status

AV Output Menu

Connect the X500 system to TV ( NTSC or PAL )

Browse photo/Video


Image enlargement : You can move the image to view picture details in green box


Image enlargement : You can move the image to view picture details in green box

Video Play

Album play

To view certain file, check and click; to delete files, check and put them in the trash can

Features Description
Dimension 160mmx120mmx55mm
Weight 745g(1.64lb)
Display 5″ TFT LCD(VGA)
Power Rechargeable Li battery, approx. 3.5hrs charging/operation power consumption, AC power 100-240V,  DC5V 3A
Water proof IP54
Video out NTSC &PAL/AV out
Storage SD Card (SDHC), up to 32G
Video / Photo Format .avi/.jpg
Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 60℃
Storage temperature 0℃ ~ 60℃
LED green LED: power on; red LED: system charging
X500 Download Links
User Manual Download
X500 DM Download
Driver Download
Software Download

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