Representative Director Kitagawa Yoshio

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Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd. operates with the motto of giving customers peace of mind when using Japanese brand optical microscope products with 【high quality and reasonable price】.
Starting with the supply of microscope and microscope products, we are still making continuous efforts to increasingly improve product quality, technical improvements in many types of products to serve our important needs customers.
In the future, we will make more efforts, with the goal of serving and bringing maximum satisfaction to customers. If you have any questions or inquiries about the product, please contact us.
We hope to receive more love and support from our customers.

Company information

Company name Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Address 5th Floor, 178/8 Nguyen Van Thuong, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC.
Phone 028-3911-2006
Fax 028-3911-2007

Operation history

October 2016 Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd. is established.
October 2016 Together with Shodensha Joint Stock Company, join METALEX Vietnam 2016

Staff introduction

I am Obara, the director of Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd
Thank you for visiting our website.

If you have any questions about microscopy, microcope, or other optical equipment, please contact and discuss with Shodensha Vietnam.
We will endeavor to recommend and recommend the product that best suits our customers’ needs, even those that are not featured on the website.
We can respond in Japanese, Thai, English, and Vietnamese. Please contact us.
We hope to receive much love and support from you.

Head Office Information

Head Office (Japan) Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd

530-0028 Naniwa Bld 7F, 4-12 Banzaicho, Kita district, Osaka city
TEL (+81)6-6364-3000 FAX (+81)6-6364-3311

Authorized capital 10,000,000 JPY

History begin

October 2004 Received support from the business support project of the Osaka Small and Medium Enterprises Support Center, established a sales office at the Center
April 2005 After the project ended, the office moved to the Kita district branch in Osaka city.
May 2005 The company’s products were first introduced in the May issue of the Osaka City Small and Medium Business Support Center’s b-platz magazine.
September 2005 Product introduction of microscope at the 16th MICONEX exhibition took place on September 12-16, 2005 in Shanghai, China.
September 2006 Introducing products on the Rakuten website, starting selling products online.
December 2007 According to the need to expand the company, move the head office to Nakazaki, Kita district
June 2011 Increased charter capital to 10,000,000 JPY
November 2011 Achieve them only ISO9001 quality
January 2012 Change the form of the company from a limited liability company to a joint stock company.
October 2012 Shodensha Thailand is established.
November 2012 Achieve them only quality ISO14001
October 2013 According to the need to expand the company, move the headquarters to Banzaicho district Kita
October 2016 Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established.