Industrial Borescope Bipol – Autofocus Lens TESLONG NTS500

The Industrial Borescope Bipol is a TESLONG NTS500 endoscope with a double camera based on the camera probe and side. Images are displayed with a resolution of 1080 pixels on a 5” inch IPS screen. The camera test measures 0.21″inch and is upheld by 6 LEDs that can be tweaked to suit your investigation site. Specifically, the link has a semi-rigid design with IP67 waterproof standard.

Brief Details – Industrial Borescope Bipol TESLONG NTS500

  • 5”inch IPS HD Display and Capacity: Built-in 5”inch IPS color display (720P resolution) enables you to perform live analysis on your application area instantly and can also record photos and videos stored on the 32 included TF cards.

The screen is made of tempered glass; against drop, hostile to rain, hostile to tidy, … reasonable for open air work.

  • Dual Lens Inspection Camera: Compared with other endoscopes on the market, the NTS500-3M/5.5mm endoscope has dual lenses, a secondary HD camera is integrated beside the main camera. The lens switch is built into the cable to turn on the face camera to create a 160-degree field of view. So you can switch dual lenses at will and apply in different scenes, see more clearly.
  • IP67 Waterproof 1080P Inspection Camera: Small 5.5mm diameter Super Hi-Vision 1080P inspection camera with 6 adjustable LED lights assist you to take clear pictures or videos in wet places, like sewers gutters, toilets, engines, septic tanks, sewers, etc.
  • Built-in High Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Battery: Worked in 3500mAh battery-powered lithium battery, the TESLONG NTS500 endoscope focal point upholds 4 hours of continuous working time. Convenience, safety and environmental protection
IPS technology makes display extra bright for outdoor use
IPS technology makes display extra bright for outdoor use

TESLONG NTS500 Specifications 

Model Number NTS500
Screen Type 5.0 inch IPS HD Display
Screen Resolution 1280*720 pixels (HD)
Image Capturing Resolution 1920×1080 (JPG)
Camera Resolution 1.0 Megapixel HD (Front & Side camera)
Video Recording Resolution 1920×1080, 1280×720 (AVI)
Probe Diameter 5.5mm/0.21 inch
Probe Cable 3m/9,8 ft Meter Gooseneck
Probe Waterproof IP67 Waterproof
Ports Micro USB charging port

Micro SD card slot

Storage 32GB Micro SD card (Installed)
Flash Light 1 Watt Cree LED
Power Source 3500mAh lithium battery
Battery Life 5-6 hours
Operating Temperature 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
Package Contents Monitor

Micro USB cable

User‘s Manual

Carrying Case

Depth to field 1.2~4inch (Front & Side camera)
Camera Viewing Angle 70° (Front & Side camera)
Probe Light Source 6 High – Intensity Front-View LEDs/ 1 High-Intensity Side-view LEDs 



Industrial Borescope is perfect for working in the dark with the latest Auto-Focus ProbeIndustrial Borescope is perfect for working in the dark with the latest Auto-Focus Probe


The TESLONG NTS500 endoscope is our most advanced inspection camera, with a 1280x720p 5-inch HD tempered glass screen, IP67 waterproofing, and a 3500mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This is also a high-quality inspection camera for mechanical inspections, auto repairs, plumbing repairs, electrical installations, house DIY, wall upgrades, HVAC maintenance, and more. As a result, it’s great for non-invasive inspections of small regions, such as viewing inside an engine’s combustion chamber through the spark plug hole or inspecting the inside of a wall without destroying the drywall.

As a result, borescope is simple to operate and captures JPEG photos and MPEG-4 films to the accompanying 32 GB Micro-SD card with a single button press. This is a stand-alone device, so no Wi-Fi connections or software downloads are necessary. The monitor also has an LED light for illuminating your workspace and a microphone for recording sound to video, which comes in handy when taking notes during an inspection. This video borescope also comes with a sturdy storage case and a variety of accessories, such as magnets, side-view mirrors, and hooks, to help you see better or retrieve items that have been lost in difficult-to-reach locations.


There are six distinct camera probe types and three lengths available for this endoscope and inspection camera. Each inspection camera has a metal cable enclosure that is easy to handle and maintains its shape. Furthermore, the flexible camera cables are available in three lengths of 3.2, 9.8, or 16 feet and have a diameter ranging from.15in (3.9mm) to 0.49in (12.5mm) (1, 3, or 5 meters).

Adjustable LED ring lights are included in the lenses to provide the camera with a clear view of even the darkest inspection areas. There are four single-lens camera alternatives with larger diameters and improved focus–the 12.5mm option is auto focus, much like your mobile phone! Lastly, two dual-lens options allow users to easily switch from a forward-facing camera to a side-facing camera to greatly increase their field of view.

TESLONG holds the quality of our product in the highest regard
TESLONG holds the quality of our product in the highest regard

Benefits when using Industrial Borescope Bipol in life

With their compact, hand-held and ultra-lightweight devices, we can use them in the maintenance of aircraft connections, so that when they fail, we can easily handle them and avoid serious problems.

Engines and machines

For some machines or engines when in use or stopped working, it is also difficult to check because the space is limited, zigzag, meandering, etc., so putting this device in Check in, save us time to deal with those problems

We can easily wear out gears, pulleys, cracks during use, or welds that need maintenance, …

Check the system on the car, water pipes, air conditioners, ....
Check the system on the car, water pipes, air conditioners, ….

Industrial Borescope Bipol for construction and industrial maintenance

Works when and about to be completed, to check whether the installation or construction process is quality assured? What should we do so that the product is not affected too much? Therefore, we will use Industrial Borescope Bipol so that we can check the quality inside and if something goes wrong, we can easily fix it quickly.

Check the car system

Inside the vehicle such as cars, the parts are utilized, we can’t understand how they are and how to go to lengths to supplant or fix to proceed with the principle activity. Wiring frameworks, motors, gas tanks, chambers, … we can utilize the gadget to check and supplant to diminish car crashes when the gear on the vehicle has mistakes.

Check HVAC

Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, etc. collectively referred to as air-conditioning systems. After a long time of use, the device will have errors, but it will be difficult for us to know what and where they are faulty? Therefore, equipment such as Industrial Borescope Bipol is needed to support quick inspection and processing.

Industrial Borescope Bipol helps to check around the house

This endoscope can assess high-height articles like roofs, forced air systems, rooftops, settling creatures, consumption of termites, and so forth in light of the fact that the link is intended to be semi-inflexible and adaptable. can be utilized without any problem

Moreover, with a basic and lightweight design, we can allow children use it to explore the garden, discover small animals,… without fear of being discovered.


If you want further information about X1000 PLUS HD borescope Shodensha, do not hesitate to contact us for details of products. With our detailed advisory, we commit to give customers best experience while working with us!

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