INDUSTRIAL ENDoscope X2000 HD – Support fine-tuning image sharpness

Industrial Endoscope X2000 HD – Ultra Quality Image And Video

Industrial Endoscope X2000 HD The X2000 is a brand new product in the hi-end industrial videoscope market.  The X2000 system keeps the advantages of X1000 PLUS and 360 articulation’s user interface but embedded a new 1 MP CMOS sensor in the camera. Tungsten braid tube and bending neck are introduced...
Delivery list of Industrial quality borescope: 1 bag x Tool 1 x HB server (with silicone protection cap) 1 x Bracket 1 x USB cable 1 x TV Cable 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x HB37S cable with lens (1 meter) 1 x Plastic base 1 x EVA Tool Box

Industrial quality borescope – Endoscopic lens inspection system

Industrial quality borescope with small diameter camera head at only 3.7mm and portable digital LCD screen 3.5 ” inch. With a high image resolution of 640x480pixel, versatile support accessories such as mirrors, hooks, … The minimum camera cable is 1m or you can choose a wire with a length of...

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