Borescope camera Japan, the must-have tool of industries

In some industrial fields, sometimes it’s hard to have a clear look inside machine details or inside pipes, where human’s eyes can not reach to. Need to see into tricky-to-reach places? A quality Borescope camera Japan will help you to look round corners!

What is a borescope camera?

A borescope camera or “inspection camera” is similar to the flexible borescope but uses a miniature video camera at the end of the flexible tube. The end of the insertion tube includes a light which makes it possible to capture video or still images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. As a tool for remote visual inspection the ability to capture video or still images for later inspection is a huge benefit. A display at the other end shows the camera view, and in some models the viewing position can be changed via a joystick or similar control. Because a complex fiber optic waveguide in a traditional borescope is replaced with an inexpensive electrical cable, video borescopes can be much less costly and potentially better resolution (depending on the specifications of the camera).

Borescope camera  Japan
Borescope camera used for inside machine inspection

What features does a Borescope camera Japan have?

Some of the stand-out features of a Borescope camera Japan are listed below. All of these features are designed to ultimately support inspecting narrow gaps, inside pipes and machine details that can not or hardly be in human’s vision

  • Provides high resolution output that helps having a closer look on deep, dark spots can not be seen by eyes.
  • Camera diameter varies in many different sizes and flexible tube length is from 1 to 4 meter, meeting diverse needs and job properties in many different industrial fields.
  • Designed with IP56 water proof protection, as well as 1 meter drop resistance, able to work in many harsh conditions.
  • Simply connect Borescope camera Japan to your PC to retrieve your data from the SD card, card reader is not necessary.
  • Support webcam device to remote access for data sharing and real-time diagnose.
  • Long duty hour with a rechargeable battery.

How does a borescope camera work?

Borescopes allow users to look inside areas of metal machined parts, castings and welded parts that are not visible with the naked eye. A rigid borescope has an eyepiece on one end and an objective lens on the other linked together by a lens relay system. Flexible and semirigid scopes use fiber optics, instead of traditional lenses, to relay images and transmit light.

borescope camera japan
Vision inside a pipe, using Borescope camera Japan

The importance to manufacturers and quality assurance personnel is fast, nondestructive visual inspection that ensures a part or component is free of burrs, cracks, surface finish irregularities and other imperfections.

What is an industrial Borescope camera Japan used for?

Borescope camera inspection is a visual detecting method for quality control of areas that human eyes can not observe directly, special areas such as vessels, pipe inner part of the non-detachable equipment, the inner surface of narrow gaps, liquid surface etc. Shodensha inspection camera or industrial endoscope is designed for the non-destructive inspection (NDI) of engines, machines and more. So, somebody must ask “What is an industrial Borescope camera Japan used for?”

Industrial borescope camera’s application appears in many different industrial fields below:

Electric power industry: industrial endoscope can be used for examining scars and stress decay cracks on big column wheel core of turbine and generator.

Aviation Chemical: industrial endoscope can be used for examining damages of turbine blades and retaining ring.

Special survey industry: industrial endoscope survey can be used for examining weld situation inside joint of process pipes, pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers. Stress corrosion cracking and the lining of chemical corrosion etc.

Ship and boats: industrial endoscope can be used for examining boiler, turbine, diesel engine pipe.
Industrial endoscope helps the engineer to examine problems of devices on inner corrosion, rust, crack, scrap iron, butt weld and etc.

borescope camera japan
A video borescope used to inspect the jet engine

The operation of the Borescope camera Japan is easily mastered even by untrained technicians. Electricians, safety specialists, experts in all industries, precision mechanics, car mechanics use the borescope camera for inspections and troubleshooting. The borescope camera can also be used for training and further education at technical colleges and universities and in the trade as an excellent tool for demonstration and visualization of technical facts or problems. In industry and plant construction, inspections and quality controls can be carried out much faster, more precisely and more cost-effectively with the borescope camera. Other applications in manufacturing include looking inside objects such as medical packaging, tires, tubes, pipes and tanks. Explosive environments and large, open areas that can be easily inspected with the naked eye are two situations where borescopes should not be used.

How much does a industrial borescope cost?

The pricing of borescope camera varies widely. One of the first questions on potential customers’ minds is usually, “What is the cost of a borescope?”  It can be between $100 and $60,000. However, there are many different tools that fall under the category of “borescopes.” They range from rigid borescopes, ideal for applications that require only straight-line access to an inspection target, such as a gun barrel or borehole; all the way to high-end articulating video borescopes with numerous features, used in airplane turbine inspections, power plants, and countless other industries.

Shodensha – The pioneer in offering Japanese quality Borescope camera Japan

Shodensha Vietnam Co., Ltd. operates with the motto of giving customers peace of mind when using Japanese brand optical microscope products with such high quality and reasonable price. Starting with the supply of microscope and microscope products, we are still making continuous efforts to increasingly improve product quality, technical improvements in many types of products to serve our important needs customers.

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