X2000 HD 360 articulation

X2000 HD 360 articulation

*Application Field:Winemaking. *Test object: Oak barrel. *Target flaws: Surface Carbonization.

This is a novel application case from a winery. People in interest may know that the oak barrel is the most important factor in a bottle of good wine. Therefore, checking the status of barrels is being a critical job for winemakers. Carbonization, cracks, and any foreign matters should be taken care of when maintaining every barrel.

Mitcorp new X2000 + HD 360 articulation provide vivid HD images also real-time sharpness, exposure value fine-tune function that helping users get detail information of all kinds of surface situation. All new tungsten braided tube with extendable rigid sleeves also works great to big, deep, dark space like barrels during the searching inspection. At the same time, the “Boost” function provides a temporary long exposure bright image for identifying direction.

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