PRSL300 Self-leveling push camera

PRSL300 Self-leveling push camera

*Application Field: building pipelines, sewers. *Test object: tubes, channels.*Target flaws: crack, alien stock..

The epidemic of the “2019-nCoV” in Hong Kong was been reported as a case of building pipeline spread. (

Besides of pipeline layout design issue, the importance of regular maintenance is also seriously discussed at the same time. Then, the good utility of a video scope (push camera) should be considered.

In this application, the user inserted the Mitcorp-PRSL300 into the PVC pipeline among the basement and though levels of floors to see the crack, alien stock…,. Features such as Meter on-screen / Wi-Fi image share / Self-leveling camera/ 30m push camera cable / Pass through two 90° pipeline corner …are all specific design for pipe inspection. Mitcorp-PRSL300 was just remarked by the “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2020” award. Welcome to contact if having any further requirements.

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