High-precision automatic brightness correction function allows intuitive operation

● Replaceable probes with φ0.7 mm ultra-fine diameter to φ4.0 mm

● It looks beautiful in full HD.

Point 1

  • Replaceable Probe
  • Type of probe can be selected to suit the specific applications.
  • External diameter of probe: From φ0.7mm to φ4.0mm
  • Front observation/Inclined observation/Rod lenses, etc.

Point 2

  • One cable, light handpiece and probe.
  • The center of gravity is at user’s hand that makes it easy to hold and operate without discomfort.

Traditional cameras have 3 cables, including image cable, AC cable and lighting cable.

BORE-MASTER-HD has only 1 cable!

Point 3

  • High resolution Full HD image

Point 4

  • Equipped with an image processing function (video algorithm) that ensures better inspection(Contrast, edge enhancement, saturation, digital zoom)

Point 5

  • High precision automatic illumination adjustment function
  • ※ Eliminate brightness adjustment time.
Observation video with an ultra-fine φ0.7 mm probe
Difference in dynamic range between conventional borescope and BORE-MASTER-HD
Difference between conventional borescope and BORE-MASTER-HD automatic exposure
Probe body

Body of camera unit

Front of controller
Back of controller
With a hard case that is convenient for storage and transportation

We have many achievements.

Example1 Inspection of fuel injection device and engine inside

Example2 Internal shape of catalyst, foreign matter inspection

Example3 Mold check for catalyst production

Example4 Checking oil holes in cutting tools for precision machining

Example5 Observation of the inside

Example6 Observation inside the copier

BORE-MASTER-HD Visit Demo Campaign

For those who are considering after introducing BORE-MASTER-HD, a dedicated staff will visit your company and give a demonstration.
You can eliminate anxiety before introduction by visiting dialogue with experienced dedicated staff.* Excluding Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands
* There are certain conditions for visiting.

・ Will the inspection accuracy be improved?
・ Will inspection efficiency and productivity be improved?
・ How to use?
・ What is the running cost?
・ How should the work be inspected?
・ Since it is a heavy object, I want to do a sample test, but I cannot send it.

Industrial endoscope <Camera unit body> Product specifications
Model number (camera unit body) 96.0040.XT
Image sensor 1/3 inch CMOS
Image resolution 1920×1080
Aspect ratio 16: 9
illumination LED light source with built-in handpiece
Camera cable length 2.5m
Output DVIx2, HD-SDIx2, 3.5mm foot switch connector x2
Supply voltage AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Dimensions / weight
(camera unit)
225x92x282mm ・ 4kg
Dimensions / weight
(handpiece part)
155x19x29mm ・ 125g



Probe fiber type (standard accessory)
Model number price Outer diameter Effective length Pixel Field of view
Viewing angle Outer tube
96.0103s 217,000 yen (excluding tax) φ0.7mm 150mm 6000 pixels 0 ° 70 ° Polyimide


Other optional probes are also available

Probe fiber type
Model number price Outer diameter Effective length Pixel Field of view
Viewing angle Outer tube
96.0132s 246,000 yen (excluding tax) φ1.6mm 135mm 30000 pixels 0 ° 85 ° Nickel titanium
96.0134s 277,000 yen (excluding tax) φ2.0mm 135mm 30000 pixels 0 ° 85 ° stainless


Probe rod lens type * Since it is a lens type, the number of pixels is not indicated.
Model number price Outer diameter Effective length Field of view Viewing angle Outer tube
96.0274s 364,000 yen (excluding tax) φ2.7mm 110mm 0 ° 75 ° stainless
96.0273s 389,000 yen (excluding tax) φ2.7mm 110mm 30 ° 75 ° stainless
96.0405s 363,000 yen (excluding tax) φ4.0mm 170mm 0 ° 85 ° stainless
1. Please fill in the request form and send us an email or fax.
2. Meeting with our technicians (email or phone)
3. Request for test or demo in our showroom or visit demo
4. Estimate
5. Introduction

Demo request sheet (PDF opens)


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