Impressive smart medical care devices at the show in America

Segway offers a completely different approach to assist people with mobility difficulties. The company introduced the S-Pod (pictured), a 2-wheeled electric vehicle similar to a moving seat in the Wall-E sci-fi movie. Accordingly, the user will sit in the seat and drive with a small dashboard. Photo: AFP / VNA


The digital home health assistants on display at CES 2020 are considered to be one of the major breakthroughs in wearable technology, allowing users to control their health. and training schedule. Considered a “companion” at home, this technology provides intelligent remote care solutions that enhance monitoring and care of the elderly and patients at home. Some intelligent “assistants” provide data and detailed information about the daily activities of the patient, taking medication, as well as have a built-in camera that allows video recording to ensure treatment. is complied with. Some companies offer voice-assisted devices and 24/7 customer service, which can help detect if the sick / elderly fall. Some devices can detect signs of physical or mental weakness over time, as well as progression of illness.

CES 2020 also showcases devices and apps that give hope to couples looking to have a baby. Accordingly, they can find devices to detect ovulation to be able to determine the optimal time of conception. For those who have undergone in vitro fertilization, the AI-assisted embryo analysis system called Life Whisperer allows couples to assess the viability of the embryo, as well as their health before transplant.

For pregnant women, Chinese firm Marvoto offers a handheld ultrasound device that allows accurate self-monitoring throughout pregnancy without having to go to clinics or hospitals. The device has a number of other uses, such as belly fat measurement, for those looking to lose weight. There are also newborn monitoring devices, such as Nanit’s Complete Baby Monitoring device, that track your baby’s sleeping and breathing.

Meanwhile, smart watches with unique features are also at the spotlight at CES 2020. Venu, Garmin’s newest GPS smartwatch, features 24/7 beat fitness monitoring. A woman’s heart, stress, respiration, sleeping positions, blood oxygen, energy levels and even menstrual cycle. Other major companies such as Suunto, Aktiia and Omron offer smartwatches that create and track exercise routines, detailed training plans and fitness activities, and continuously monitor blood pressure. and other functions such as music control and billing.

In addition, two companies WeWalk based in the UK and Handisco based in France also bring practical devices for the visually impaired. These two companies produce smart sticks that integrate features such as Bluetooth connectivity with iPhone, navigation, directions and voice alerts when detecting obstacles in the sky.

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