HD borescope Shodensha X1000 PLUS

A industrial borescope is an optical tool used to view areas that would otherwise not be visible. A industrial endoscopes/borescopes is inserted into the item being evaluated without destroying the item of interest. Borescopes are used to non destructively inspect industrial systems and equipment for condition, manufactured parts for quality and security and law enforcement for contraband, intelligence and safety. There are various manufacturers that offer industrial endoscopes, as one of them, us, Shodensha would like to introduce our HD borescope Shodensha in this post.

X1000 PLUS HD borescope Shodensha – Operation on a fingertip

X1000 PLUS HD borescope Shodensha is designed with Capacitive Touch technology for best performance and durability of IP57 protection. This Japanese industrial borescope has 100°C resistance camera tip, delivers best image view experience with a wide view angle 7″ IPS TFT-LCD and advanced exposure value control. Besides, the device’s interface is humanized, making it excellently easy for user to interact with and control the probe: Front/side Dual view (with mirror) at once; Support image sharpness fine tune; 3 modes white balance; 100°C resistance warning& auto shut down protection; Patented particle free effect (with mirror); Editable image annotation.

HD borescope Shodensha
Shodensha Borescope model X1000 PLUS


  • 7″ TFT LCD
    Capacitive touch technology for best performance and durability
  • Superior image quality
    Sharp, Clear and Bright
  • Rugged and robust
    1m drop resistence, IP57 protection(main system)
  • Long duty hour
    Rechargeable Li-battery lasts for 5 hours
  • SKYPE communication ready
    Real time data sharing and diagnosis
  • LED backlight function keys
    Great for dark environment without sunlight or other light sources
  • USB reader
    Simply conncet to your PC to retrieve your data from the SD card, card reader is not necessary
  • USB camera
    Support webcam device to remote access for data sharing and real-time diagnose
  • 3 easy ways to capture pictures
    -button on the system
    -articulation probe
    -remote control
  • Neck/hand strap
    convienent and great for operation


Features Description
LCD 7″ LCD (800×400)
Snapshot 640×480, .jpg
Recording 640×480, .avi (with Audio)
Dimensions 240x154x47 mm
System weight 1.3kg (2.86lb)
Dust and water proof IP57
Drop resistance 1m
Battery Rechargeable Li-Battery
Working temperature 0℃ ~ 45℃ (with battery);0℃ ~ 40℃ (with AC power adaptor)
Storage temperature 10℃ ~ 60℃
Charging temperature 10℃ ~ 60℃
Relative humidity Max 95%, non condensing
USB Mass storage mode/Webcam mode
Storage SD card, up to 32G
AV output NTSC / PAL
Audio input Built-in microphone
Brightness Adjustment 8 levels ( 5+3 Boost levels)
HD borescope Shodensha
X1000 PLUS manual

X1000 PLUS HD borescope Shodensha has an advanced file management supporting user define image storage folder, time stamp/logo watermark. Smoothly articulation control & lock system; Ultra luminance front LED. Patented side LED optical system. The connectivity system meets today’s connectivity standards with all the most advanced connect supports: HDMI port to TV/monitor for HD quality image viewing; USB type C port to PC as Web-Cam or SD card reader; Wi-Fi connect to mobile devices to view and share pictures.

The system is powered by a non-interchangeable Li battery, which provides approximately 5 hours capacity while fully charged. It takes about 3 hours for the battery to be fully charged from empty. The system must be charging at room temperature for best charging capacity are shown below:

SD card Capacity | 4 GB   |   8 GB |     16 GB   |   32 GB
Totol Images        | 31130  | 62259 |  124518   | 249037
Video Length        |135m   |  270m |    539m    | 1079m

Care and Maintainance of HD borescope Shodensha

Using your Video Borescope to inspect and maintain your assets is only part of the job.  As any tradesman or technician will tell you, preparation is a key component of any job.  It’s the same for the HD borescope Shodensha, and there are a few simple rules to follow to ensure that the device continues to function properly and doesn’t hold up your operations.  We’ve divided the care instructions into two main categories, the Optical Tip and the Probe, with an additional section on Care and Maintenance:


  • Check the optical tip for damage or contamination
  • Clean all external parts of the optical tip.  Use glass cleaner or 70% alcohol-to-water solution and a pointed cotton swab.
  • Clean only the internal threads for the optical tip.  The internal optical lens should only be cleaned when trouble-shooting an optical tip that provides poor focus.


  • Check the probe for damage or contamination.  Look for excessive wear in the bending neck, loose strands of the braided weave, or separation of the bonding joints.
  • Clean the probe tip, including the lens on the camera head.  Use class cleaner or 70% alcohol-to-water solution and a pointed cotton swab.
  • Clean the rest of the probe, including insertion tube and fiber-optic connector.  Use a soft cloth dampened with glass cleaner or 70% alcohol-to-water solution.
HD borescope Shodensha
Rules need to be followed for a clear sight of optical tip

The following simple rules and tips will ensure that your fiberscope stays in great working condition:

  • Do not immerse the fiberscope body in liquids. Although the flexible insertion tube is completely water proof, the eyepiece is not.
  • Do not subject the scope to corrosive fluids. A reasonable rule to follow is that if you can place your hand in it you can use the fiberscope.
  • Do not exceed temperatures of 176° F (80° C)
  • Do not expose a fiberscope to sources of radiation for extended periods. This will cause the fiber optic bundle to discolor and loose light transmission.
  • Never leave the scope unattended.
  • Never force the working length of a fiberscope into or out of an inspection area.
  • Never bind or coil the flexible working length. This will damage the fiber optics and reduce image quality. It may also damage articulation cables.
  • Always clean the fiberscope when finished with your inspection. A simple household window cleaner or equivalent will suffice.
  • Always return the scope to its proper storage case when finished. Before closing the lid ensure that the insertion tube and light guide are safely inside.

If you want further information about X1000 PLUS HD borescope Shodensha, do not hesitate to contact us for details of products. With our detailed advisory, we commit to give customers best experience while working with us!

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