X2000 HD 360 articulation

MX1000 3.9mm 4ways probe Application Case

*Application Field: Aviation/Ship MRO *Test object: Turbine engine.*Target flaws:Gap,Cracking, surface..

No doubt that video scopes are the basic tool for turbine engine ships and aircraft maintain operation engineers. Especially for the combustion and exhaust blade systems inspection, good image quality and dexterous articulation control scope help to identify and discuss target flaws before detail measurement even huge dissemble work.

Mitcorp new X2000 + HD 360 articulation provides brand new real-time sharpness, brightness, and manual exposure functions that helping users get the best image quality in high contrast environments. The new “manual exposure” function can be easily enabled via tap live view screen against the bright/dark spot. The new high rigidity tungsten braid tube performs good insertion toward vertically in the combustion space. The exclusive “Negative” always helps engineers effectively identifying surface tiny cracks and scratches.

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