X1000 PLUS-PRM100 & X2000 HD 360 articulation

X1000 PLUS-PRM100 & X2000 HD 360 articulation

*Application Field: Co-generation power plant. *Test object: Boilers & steam turbine set.*Target flaws:stocks, tube wall, gap..

MRO projects of co-generation systems are the most complicate jobs in the NDT area because the efficiency of heat to electricity is a very important factor of costing. Moreover, time of a short SDI (Shutdown Device Inspection) of this kind project would be another big cost issue.

In this case, the client hires Mitcorp X1000 PLUS-PRM100 & X2000 to inspect the boiler tube shell and the Valves inside Turbine casting.  PRM100 is equipped with OD-1cm camera tip and 25m length high tension glass fiber push tube specifically designed for long tube inspection. Ultra-bright front LED for clear image help engineers quick insert and check their test unit.  X2000’s scratch resistant tungsten tube and smooth articulation control & lock joystick work perfectly for the big casting metal body that contains big valve chamber. The “Boost” exposure function and HD crisp image can help quickly find the gap problems of valves.

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