MX500 + 3.9mm cast probe

MX500 + 3.9mm cast probe

*Application Field: Mechanic parts processing. *Test object: Inner channels & holes.*Target flaws:Surface cleaness.

Powder plant application case was shared earlier that using Mitcorp video scope to find alien bugs problem efficiently. Then more important job to do is verifying cleaning treatment effects.

In this case, user hired the newest model-X2000 & HD 360 articulation probe to check tube walls cleanness conditions after treatments. The X2000 system provide maximum 2560*1440 resolution crisp image output that let engineers can rely on via no matter base unit LCD or JPG files on PCs paper works. The X2000’s “Manual Exposure” by touch screen is a unique function that against this kind highly reflective metal surface to get better brightness balance in needed view area. It’s worthy of trying!

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