Borescope inspection procedure – How to use borescope

The borescope inspection procedure mainly includes the following four aspects: internal combustion engine carbon detection, shock absorber spring inspection, gear box inspection, hollow shaft inspection. With the industrial borescope, how to do each one of these inspections? Firstly, we should know how borescope is defined, what it is used for and how it works.

Borescope and borescope inspection procedure

borescope (occasionally called a boroscope, though this spelling is nonstandard) is an optical instrument designed to assist visual inspection of narrow, difficult-to-reach positions, consisting of a rigid or flexible tube with an eyepiece or display on one end, an objective lens or camera on the other, linked together by an optical or electrical system in between. The optical system in some instances is accompanied by (typically fiberoptic) illumination to enhance brightness and contrast. An internal image of the illuminated object is formed by the objective lens and magnified by the eyepiece which presents it to the viewer’s eye.

borescope inspection camera
A video borescope model from Shodensha


Sometimes it’s hard to have a clear look inside machine details or inside pipes, where human’s eyes can not reach to. A quality borescope camera (borescope inspection procedure) will help you to look round corners. Making it possible to capture video or still images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces.

What borescope inspection procedure consists of:

Internal combustion engine carbon detection:

For diesel engines, Shodensha industrial borescope can be used for carbon detection. Diesel engine diesel engine exhaust valve if there is carbon, it will reduce the effective internal combustion engine power, resulting in high fuel consumption. The use of industrial borescope to avoid the tedious disassembly of the traditional diesel engine operation, just need to insert the endoscope into the cylinder can be checked, the entire operation is really easy and simple.

Spring suspension inspection:

In the railway repair regulations and factory repair procedures, are referred to the inspection requirements of the spring shock, the specific requirements of the inspection cracks, wear and other conditions, and then according to the maintenance procedures for welding. The traditional inspection methods often require the spring to be disassembled, and the industrial endoscope to accomplish this task, simply send the camera probe to the spring part to be detected, to be able to observe the internal spring cracks, as well as the status of the top of the spring , to avoid incidents insulted from the disassembly of the workload and to avoid economic costs.


borescope inspection procedure
Image of engine from inside displayed by borescope

Hollow shaft/pipe inspection:

During the operation of electrified high-speed trains, if the hollow shaft is found by ultrasonic testing equipment to be damaged, corroded, worn, and other suspicious parts, the industrial borescope may be used to probe into the interior of the hollow shaft for further double check so that the borescope can be used Microscopic observation of the magnifying effect of the microscope to find cracks. Similarly, inspectors can also use the industrial borescope image processing system to shoot the test video, record the specific status of the hollow shaft so that defects can be re-examined by the computer later to ensure that the test results more accurately.

Gearbox inspection:

This is a popular part of the borescope inspection procedure. In the normal operation and running cycle of the locomotive, the gearbox of the traction gearbox is worn and badly mated. It is a common problem that the gearbox can even be scrapped and derailed if it is not detected and handled properly. The use of industrial borescope can be easily completed gear box inspection, the specific operation of the borescope can be simply bend the guide tube into the gear through the oil port observation into the gear box inside, you can see very intuitive The performance of gear inside the gear case and gear box at the bottom of the presence of foreign matter, but also can use the industrial borescope image recording function for shooting archive for further troubleshooting, or for future reference.

How to proceed borescope inspection procedure?

Today remote visual inspection is getting more and more popular throughout the world. But sometimes technicians hesitate to use inspection camera or proceed borescope inspection procedure because they are not sure if they need any special training or skills to work with a borescope. However inspections with such devices in the most of cases do not require any special knowledge or skills. However, there are some basic rules technicians need to follow.

No special skills needed to operate a borescope

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